Care Instructions

How to care for your pretties

Timber range

Please do not get wet! The timber material will likely fall apart with exposure to moisture.

The timber will change colour over time if in contact with the skin due to oils/makeup.

Store in container or on display board, avoid very humid conditions/environments.

Acrylic range

Not designed to be worn swimming or in the shower, the chlorine may affect the surface of the acrylic and impact on the strength of the adhesives used.

Store in container or on display board, tassel earrings should be stored so the tassel hangs straight.

Clean with a damp cloth if required.

Polymer Clay

Standard beads can be wiped down with a damp cloth, baby-wipes can be used for stubborn marks.

Foiled beads need to be cleaned carefully, although there is a layer of varnish over the foil it might still come off when cleaned.


Please store your earrings and other small accessories away from access by small children to reduce the risk of ingestion or choking. The surgical stainless steel posts are very strong and can easily puncture skin and underlying tissue if trodden on.