About LLL Designs

Established in 2014, LLL Designs is a small handmade jewellery business based in Canberra, Australia. The owner and designer, Amanda, has a passion for creating unique and affordable pieces that lives up to the catch phrase 'Life's too short to wear boring jewellery!'.

LLL Designs came about after Amanda was unable to return to full-time work due to a number of medical issues (that were eventually diagnosed as Multiple Sclerosis). This has provided her a creative outlet and the opportunity to develop her signature style, one that is easily identified!

Amanda ensures that she caters for a variety of budgets and styles, from the subtle to the "I saw your earrings from down the street!".

 "We are a fun & fabulous accessory business who love bringing a smile to peoples faces through our colourful and quirky designs"

Thankx - Amanda

Amanda - LLL Designs